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Blended learning is a model of learning and teaching that uses the best aspects of computer-based learning and the power of face-to-face and small group instruction to provide students with a challenging and individualized education.

The goal of blended learning is to use the best elements of regular school (social interactions, active mentorship by a teacher, field trips, etc…) and best elements of online learning (personalized learning, ongoing integrated assessment, anytime and anywhere access, etc…) to create a flexible and highly rigorous learning environment that allows students to spend more time on engaging, higher order thinking activities.

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Safe Schools Hotline
(520) 879-1111

If you or your child would like to report an activity that could threaten the safety of our students, you can leave an anonymous message. The Safe Schools Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Weekly Update January 13, 2019

Join the VIC family in 2020/2021   VIC OPEN HOUSE GRADES 6-8   Interest forms and enrollment is now being accepted for all grades.  Tax Credit Designation Time is Here If you […]

Weekly Update December 13, 2019

Elective Sign Ups are due December 19th. We will have coding and robotic options as well as sign language, design, creative art, yoga and more! Tax Credit Designation Time is […]

Weekly Update December 9, 2019

Benchmarks will be administered on December 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Please do not make any appointments in the mornings on these dates. Students miss valuable class room instruction […]

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