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10775 E Mary Ann Cleveland Wy
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Blended Learning Model

Blended learning is a model of learning and teaching that uses the best aspects of computer-based learning and the power of face-to-face and small group instruction to provide students with a challenging and individualized education.

The goal of blended learning is to use the best elements of a brick and mortar school (social interactions, active mentorship by a teacher, field trips, etc…) and best elements of online learning (personalized learning, ongoing integrated assessment, anytime and anywhere access, etc…) to create a flexible and highly rigorous learning environment that allows students to spend more time on engaging, higher order thinking activities.

Students in the program will spend approximately three hours a day engaged in computer aided instruction. These are multimedia courses that are monitored real-time by educational tutors. If a student appears to be struggling with content, the system immediately notifies a tutor who can  give a helping hand either face-to-face or via online tools.

Students will also have a variety of daily enrichment activities available to them. These activities will be focused on the application and synthesis of concepts taught during the computer aided instruction. These activities include field trips, challenge-based learning, problem-based learning, and service-learning. Every effort will be made to engage students with real-world application of the academic concepts they are learning.

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