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Transportation Update 20-21

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Transportation Department drives thousands of miles each day to get thousands of students to and from school safely and efficiently. As we prepare for the new school year, we have several items that may require your attention.

Our routes have changed significantly to accommodate our new high school.  Please check your student’s bus stop carefully with directions provided below.

All students who are eligible for transportation are assigned to a bus route.  Excluding our Special Needs students, all students have been assigned to a single bus route based on their home address. 

EXCEPTIONS:  There are few exceptions to the home address policy.  Parents/Guardians must contact the Transportation Department to check for eligibility for a student to ride a route other than their assigned route to and from their home.  An example of riding a different route would be a split household with both parents living in the District. Please ensure that both addresses are on the student record in Powerschool.  We cannot transport to any type of daycare, grandparents, etc.

ALL exceptions expired 5-22-20.  If your child had or needs an exception for any reason, you must call and request an exception for the new school year.  All out of district students must have an exception prior to riding a bus route, even if they rode last year.

Please hold your calls until our new routes are all in place – after June 25th.


Mary St. John            520-879-2056          Leslie Incontrera         520-879-2479

Our goal is to have any route updates completed by June 25th, 2020.  This route information is online at – and can be accessed on the Vail School District website.  To find your bus stop, type in your street address, school of attendance (and grade), and zip code.  Then “click” the “my bus stops” button.  The published information will give you bus route numbers, and pick up or drop off times for full day and half day schedules.

We appreciate your support in helping our drivers and department ensure the safety of all our students.


Jerry Brown
Director – Transportation

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