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Update July 13, 2020

Dear VBL Families,

Vail Blended Learning’s first day of school will be August 10th. We will begin this year online with all students. Students will have a schedule to follow each day that will include virtual classes with their Vail Blended Learning teachers as well as an online elective course for all students. These classes will be through Schoology and Edmentum (our new online platform).

At this time I am working on the specific schedule and details to make this time as easy as possible for our students to master concepts and our parents to best support student learning and schedules from home. Schedules will be sent home prior to August 10th.

Computers will be available to check out from VIC August 5th and 6th from 8:00 – 4:00 p.m. There will be a $50 insurance fee for all computers payable by check or cash. If you have any registration papers that need to be brought in, we will be available to take those at this time as well.

When we return to school, which may be August 17th or later, considerations for Vail Blended Learning staff and students have been made in alignment with the current recommendations from the Pima County Health Department. These considerations have been made with the best intent to keep staff and students safe. Details about the physical and logistical protections are outlined on our website and on the District’s School Opening and COVID19 webpage. These plans are like a lesson plan created for the first time; we can expect to modify them as we settle into school and establish routines. Other considerations are being addressed across the District to outline procedures such as adults and visitors on campus, field trips and elective Fridays.

At this time, in person elective options are scheduled to begin on Friday, September 11th and will occur each Friday we are in school from September to December. I am currently seeking a music or drama teacher for an elective course. Please contact me if you may be interested or have someone in mind.

Once the school year resumes for staff, we will also plan for back-to-school activities, such as how to offer meetings for students new-to-Vail Blended to meet their teachers, visit campus and new student orientation. This is definitely a learning curve for all of us and we appreciate your support, your suggestions, and your grace as we move forward.

In addition to physical protections for students, the District (and soon Vail Blended staff once we resume meeting), will consider the necessary social-emotional support that students and staff may need with the extended school closure and a return to school that has been notably changed. It is great timing that we happened to receive a grant from ADE that supports the hiring of a school counselor for us to share with the VIC and Civano. Ms. Carrie Wrona (pronounced Rona, her real name!) will join us when school reopens.

The Theme for Vail Blended and Vail Innovation Center this year will be BE. (BE unique, BE kind, BE yourself, BE the change, BE amazing) I feel that this will be a fitting theme to help us come together and BE a team as we work through this unprecedented time. Students, please be thinking of statements, sayings and designs that we can incorporate with the theme this year.

These times are hard. We are all seeking something firm to hold onto and what I believe we can hold onto is this — we can do these hard things. We know from the history of forever that people are resilient and that we are able to solve problems, climb mountains, and move forward. There may be setbacks and mistakes. There may be permanent changes that adjust all of our expectations. There will always be teachers and students and community that find a way to be connected.

Take Care of Yourselves,






July 10, 2020
Dear Parents and Staff,
I’d like to provide you a quick update regarding our plans for the upcoming school year.
School Start Date: Vail schools will open remotely on August 10th.
Governor Ducey has delayed the start of in-person school until August 17th. However, schools are able to open remotely prior to that date. The Governor also stated they would, “continuously re-evaluate that date.” If a decrease in COVID-19 rates are not seen, it is possible that the Governor may delay in-person classes beyond August 17th. VUSD will open in-person as soon as the State allows.
School Choices:

Once our campuses are able to open for in-person classes, there will be three options from which parents must choose:

  • On Campus Learning (begins when campuses re-open)
  • Brick to Click Learning (begins when campuses re-open)
  • Full Time Digital Learning through the Vail Innovation Center (begins August 10th)

Because in-person classes are delayed, the On Campus and Brick to Click options will not begin until campuses are allowed to open. It is important to note that remote learning before our campuses open may look different from the Brick to Click option.
For more information regarding these three distinct options and other school opening information, please visit
When school begins on August 10th, all Vail students will be taught remotely by their classroom teacher(s). Elementary school students will be provided with instruction and lessons to be completed daily. Middle and high school students will follow their course schedules.
We know parents have many questions regarding the three educational options and the remote start. We will be hosting a series of Virtual Town Halls over the next two weeks to answer questions that parents have. Please see the dates and times below.
Parents will receive a link the week of July 20th to an online portal where they will be asked to select the option that works best for their child(ren) and family.
School Calendar:

Starting school on August 10th requires that a few adjustments be made to the school calendar for next year. This issue is currently being studied by the Governing Board, but the current plan is to have a two-week fall break for all students from October 12th – 23rd and a one week spring break from March 15th – 19th. A draft of the school calendar is attached to this email.
I intend to continue sending a weekly email until school begins on August 10th. We are working out the details on issues like Senior Exit Projects and student travel. I hope to have updates on these issues as well as any new developments that may occur over the course of the week.
Thank you for your continued support.
John Carruth

Virtual Town Hall Schedule

Wednesday, 7/15 – 12:00pm

Thursday, 7/16 – 6:00pm

Friday, 7/17 – 11:30am

Monday, 7/20 – 6:00pm


Please RSVP to Cindy Petersen at if you would like to attend. You will be sent log-in information at that time. Spots are limited to ensure quality discussions via zoom. Additional sessions will be added if needed.


2020-21 HS Student Calendar (Revised – Draft).pdf

2020-21 PK8 Student Calendar (Revised – Draft).pdf


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