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Update June 30, 2020

Dear VBL Families,

The past week has been a roller coaster for sure! We have been busy with summer planning efforts. As soon as we believe we have plans in place and we’re ready to take action, the game changes. Our Governing Board voted on June 26 to delay the start of the 20-21 school year from July 20 to August 10. On Monday, June 29, Governor Ducey issued an executive order that in-person school cannot resume until at least August 17. Today, our leadership team is unpacking the executive order and beginning to create a new recommendation for schools reopening. Superintendent John Carruth stated that he hopes to have a plan to offer families by early next week (July 6). This plan may include remote learning until schools are able to open.

When we return to school, considerations for Vail Blended Learning staff and students have been made in alignment with the current recommendations from the Pima County Health Department. These considerations have been made with the best intent to keep staff and students safe. Details about the physical and logistical protections are outlined on our website and on the District’s School Opening and COVID19 webpage. These plans are like a lesson plan created for the first time; we can expect to modify them as we settle into school and establish routines. Other considerations are being addressed across the District to outline procedures such as adults and visitors on campus, field trips and elective Fridays. Once the school year resumes for staff, we will also plan for back-to-school activities, such as how to offer meetings for students new-to-Vail Blended to meet their teachers, visit campus and new student orientation. This is definitely a learning curve for all of us and we appreciate your support, your suggestions, and your grace as we move forward.

In addition to physical protections for students, the District (and soon Vail Blended staff once we resume meeting), will consider the necessary social-emotional support that students and staff may need with the extended school closure and a return to school that has been notably changed. It is great timing that we happened to receive a grant from ADE that supports the hiring of a school counselor for us to share with the VIC and Civano. Ms. Carrie Wrona (pronounced Rona, her real name!) will join us when school reopens.

The Theme for Vail Blended and Vail Innovation Center this year will be BE. (BE unique, BE kind, BE yourself, BE the change, BE amazing) I feel that this will be a fitting theme to help us come together and BE a team as we work through this unprecedented time. Students, please be thinking of statements, sayings and designs that we can incorporate with the theme this year.

These times are hard. We are all seeking something firm to hold onto and what I believe we can hold onto is this — we can do these hard things. We know from the history of forever that people are resilient and that we are able to solve problems, climb mountains, and move forward. There may be setbacks and mistakes. There may be permanent changes that adjust all of our expectations. There will always be teachers and students and community that find a way to be connected.

Take Care of Yourselves,



Vail Families have three options for returning to school for the 2020-2021 school year. These options were shared via email from Superintendent John Carruth in June and they are available to view on the District’s Webpage.Very briefly, the three options are:

  • On Campus Learning – This option is best for students who do not have underlying health conditions.
  • Brick to Click Learning* – This option is best for students who plan to return to school by no later than January 2021. Students will stay enrolled in their home school with their assigned teacher(s), but lessons will be taught remotely, and classwork will be done at home. This option is least compatible with instruction at Civano as our multi-age classrooms do not align with the curriculum calendar across the rest of the District.
  • Full Time Digital Learning* – This option is best for students with long term circumstances preventing them from physically returning to school. Students will be enrolled in the Vail Innovation Center. This option requires at least a semester long commitment.

* Any remote instruction will be distinctly different than the educational opportunities offered last spring during school closures. Students who engage in remote instruction will be required to participate daily in instruction, including completing assignments daily and “attending” on-line classes

ACT Statement

REACH Statement