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Weekly Update October 7, 2019

Welcome back Trailblazers!

Quarter 2 is here and there are so many activities coming up! Remember to be present at school each day and we will be there to support you.

Field Trip – Tucson Village Farm – October 11th 

Students will learn about some of the physical properties of water that make it such a unique and important substance and how those properties are important to botanical and agricultural processes. Students must bring their own lunch. The cost is $5. Students will receive their permission slips on Monday, October 6th.  All students must have their Edgenuity completed, a grade of 70% or better in each class and be in good citizenship standing to be eligible. 

Impact Aid Form

Be on the lookout for an email regarding your Federal Impact Aid Form. You will be emailed directly. Just fill out the form and you’re all set. There is a significant amount of funding provided to our district from these forms every year. Thank you for supporting us.

Digital Coordinator

I want to introduce you to our new Coordinator of Digital Learning, Rachel Tankersley!  We are so excited to have her join our team at the Vail Innovation Center.  Rachel started in Vail in 2008 at Sycamore Elementary School. Her most recent position was the SUMS teacher at Sycamore (Students Understanding Math and Science).  She brings with her a passion for technology and science along with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Technology.  She is looking forward to meeting our students on Monday. 



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